The official I LOVE NY T-Shirt. Unisex sizing and 100% cotton. This is the I LOVE NY shirt everyone wears. These I LOVE NY T-Shirts are available in white and black. The most popular New York shirt online. Add to your I LOVE NY theme party or New York welcome basket.

History of the I LOVE NY logo: the I LOVE NY design became popular in 1977 with ads featuring Frank Sinatra, Morgan Fairchild and Yul Brenner. This New York campaign is often considered to be the most successful in history. The advertising campaign was designed to revitalize the New York state economy. The ad agency Wells, Rich and Greene conceived of the slogan to refer not only to New York City, but New York state as well. To this day, the I LOVE NY logo is seen around the world and worn as a symbol of New York pride and tourism.

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